What is Thali?

Named after the stainless steel platter the food is served on, a thali is the cornerstone to the Indian dining experience. This traditional, Indian-style meal contains a proper balance of six tastes identified by Ayurvedic nutrition to provide all of the flavor elements needed for optimum health.

Enjoy an authentic thali-style meal at Thali Indian Cuisine

Meet the Team

Chef Jasbir Singh & Co-Owner Born and raised in Punjab, Chef Jasbir’s expertise in Indian cuisine stems from an uncompromising passion for taste and love of quality ingredients. Extensive work experience in India and US has earned him an reputation for his unparalleled culinary skills and dedication to honest hard work. Working in the United States for 30 years, his unique ability to utilize local ingredients and flavors to produce new and sensational dishes, added to the industry reputation for his excellence and creativity. Based in United States since 1980, Chef Jasbir has become one of NC’s longest standing restauranteurs. Using his culinary skills, coupled with a unique understanding of the local produce, he is changing the perception of Indian cuisine. Creating healthy food, which improves, sometimes cures, and strengthens the body, relaying on thousands of years of Indian wisdom and over 30 years of experience,

Chef Srikanth & Co-Owner A self-taught chef who constantly researches and uses new ingredients and techniques to produce the best food possible. Using this as a foundation, his goal is always to serve food that satisfies and respects the nature of the eye, mind and body. He has developed fine-tuned skills and knowledge in the intricate and complex nature of Indian cuisine, known to only a few. His expertise in modern Indian cuisine and hospitality is recognized locally. His charismatic nature and ability to relate knowledge to his audience on a personal level has also made him popular locally.

What is Thali?
What is Thali?
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We are having a great menu with very reasonable prices. Make your every function memorable one. Our mission is to provide food to all segments with a thrust on taste, quality, nutrition and hygiene at competitive costs. Thali is a name famous for providing Best Catering Services. Whether it is a marriage function or a birthday party or any corporate event, everything is treated in a special way.

For catering orders please contact us 919-237-2413 or email us at thalirtp@gmail.com.

What is Thali?
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What is Thali?

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